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LinkedIn for Business Owners

"How many business opportunities have you missed out on simply because you didn't bother to take LinkedIn seriously?"




 Most people only use LinkedIn for one insanely dumb purpose...

As an online extension of their Curriculum Vitae.

Nah! Wrong!

Others use it to chase and harass strangers, clogging up their inboxes.

Ugh! No way!

And most business owners just fear it, as something too complicated!

Please! Don't give me excuses!

If you run your own business, that's not what it's for... at all.

Let me break down your TWO main reasons for using LinkedIn.

And to explain...

Here's what I found when I opened up LinkedIn on my phone this morning... 

Can you see that? 

I found two people trying to sell me something! 

Ugh! So annoying? Right? 

Well... I'm not so sure. 

This is why most people do NOT embrace LinkedIn as a business tool. 

They close themselves off to business opportunities because they fear that someone might 'spam' them or make unsolicited offers. 

I get this all the time... 

"I don't want to muddy my connections by accepting contact requests from just anybody. I'm very discerning about my connections." 

But... What were the three other inbound enquiries? 

 One person wants to hire me. Yay!

One person wants to buy something from me. Whoopee!

And the third wants to meet me for a coffee. (I'll tell you why in a moment.)

So, in terms of ratios, this is pretty healthy!

I calculate today's inbox to represent $30,000 in revenue. The downside is that I suffer the burden of reading and maybe ignoring or deleting two contacts.

That's a burden I'm willing to bear!

So, if you run a business, what's the most important reason for using LinkedIn?

One... Your first goal is to open yourself up to opportunities.

It's your responsibility to create an environment that positions you as 'the prize'.

Stop chasing business. Help prospects seek you out. And this begins be reframing your profile. Don't talk about what you've done. It's not an extension of your CV.

Talk about how you can help others.

(Spoiler alert: Want some simple strategies to boost your profile and influence and connections on LinkedIn? Click the button below.)

What's the second?

It's the same reason why Lisa wanted to meet me for a coffee.

Two... Your second goal is to forge strategic marketing alliances.

Why would you ever pursue one customer or client at a time, when you can work with others to leverage their reach and amplify your inbound marketing efforts?

In fact, that's the only reason why I will ever accept a meeting request. Lisa has an email reach of 10,000 and a social media audience of 40,000.

So, I can't emphasise this enough...

The formation of strategic marketing partnerships is one of the most important reasons for being on LinkedIn, even if you customers are not on LinkedIn.

(Spoiler alert: If you'd like to know how to connect with the right strategic alliance partners on LinkedIn, without looking like a goose, click the button.)

Did you catch all that? Watch the mini lesson...





"I did it James! 500+ connections from my original 50 when I started the training. More importantly, 145 people have viewed my profile. Some have even sent me messages! Now it's time to get them OFF socal media and into my business!"

Katherine Jane

"I did execute what you told me. It immdiately resulted in around 20 more connections and a lot more profile views. It might not sound like a lot but its the most activity my account has had in a long time."

John Badyani

"Really loved this training. Started connections on Linked In and just 6 hours later I have 500+. Thanks!"

Cathy Wiseman

 "Before the training, I was asking them to marry me on the first date. Awkward. Also, thought I had to post a lot more often. Didn't know about the advanced keyword search or the autopilot tool. Basically, all the stuff I knew and was doing in other parts of the business I was ignoring on LinkedIn. Idiot! Got SO much value out of the traiing." 

Angela Smith

 "While I was doing te training, I followed your advice and and went from 300 connections to 500+ that day, on Wednesday. I am now on my way to 900 followers! I'm now using your strategy to find my ideal clients, using all the notes I took."

Cheslea Mclean

"Just wanted to say a big thanks. Linkedin is exploding... 5 inbound potential clients yesterday... 190 pending contact requests. I now have to refuse coffee meetings, unless they book a 15 minute teleconference. And, then, it is a two week wait to get to see me. I now have TOO much work on!"

Ben Cusack


How to position you as THE PRIZE 

 LinkedIn is NOT an extension of your CV. It is a powerful inbound marketing tool. There are EXTREMELY simple ways to structure your presence on LinkedIn to attract new business. Stop chasing. Become a magnet for inbound enquiries. 

 How to minimise your TIME on LinkedIn 

 Like any social media tool, LinkedIn can quickly become a time-sucking waste of your time. The strategies you will learn require very little time to setup and almost no ongoing management. Automation equals freedom!  

The biggest amplification hack EVER 

 In the training, you will learn how to improve and amplify your presence on LinkedIn AND build an audience of incoming clients. But... there is one strategy that beats them all. It's so simple, you'll cringe and wonder why you haven't done this earlier.  





"If the training does not live up to your expectations, simply let us know and we will immediately refund your money. That way, we walk away friends. That's our 'Let's Stay Friends' Money Back Guarantee." 

James Tuckerman, Founder/Owner

Copyright Ant Hill Enterprises Pty Ltd 2016