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How to transform your customers into rabid zombie loyalists [PP] | Not-So-Freaky University

How to transform your customers into rabid zombie loyalists [PP]

You’ve heard business owners boast about client satisfaction. And once upon a time client or customer satisfaction was the pinnacle of customer service. It was the holy grail of business operators and marketers.

But now having a highly satisfied customer is no longer good enough. It’s easy to satisfy a customer, in fact that’s the expectation. But to really excel and take your business to the next level, it’s your job to make them evangelists for your business.

To help us understand this modern-day marketing truth, we spoke with Peter Shankman. He’s an entrepreneur, a marketer, and an angel investor to about ten startups at the moment.

He’s a keynote speaker, a blogger, he’s the founder of the amazingly successful Help a Reporter Out – also known as HARO, and he’s a serial author whose most recent book, Zombie Loyalists, is a more detailed look into the subject of today’s course.

Not only that, but Peter’s also a licensed skydiver who’s notched up almost 500 jumps!



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