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The Science of Recruitment with Nitro's Sam Chandler [PP] | Not-So-Freaky University

The Science of Recruitment with Nitro’s Sam Chandler [PP]

Plenty of recruitment agencies have tallied the numbers and found that the average dud hire will cost an organisation between $50,000 and $70,000, factoring in recruitment costs, training, lost productivity and possible legal fees.

However, hiring a new member of the team should be an exciting experience. (It really, really should.)

You’re doing well. It’s time to grow. Optimism is high. The sky’s the limit!

But ask any seasoned entrepreneur for their most painful hiring horror story and most won’t just have one. Even the best have many!

Sam Chandler knows a thing or two hundred about recruitment.

That’s because he’s the founder and CEO of a staggeringly successful business with over 130 employees across four continents.

His Californian HQ goes head-to-head with highly aggressive recruiters Google. His chief competitor is Adobe Acrobat.

However, as Sam explains in this NSFU online lesson, the same rules apply whether you’re hiring your first employee… or your fiftieth!

Three take homes from this course:

1. Develop a disciplined hiring process
2. Empower your evangelists to recruit staff with matching values
3. Manage and monitor the recruitment process



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