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How to name a business, with James Tuckerman [PP] | Not-So-Freaky University

How to name a business, with James Tuckerman [PP]

In the fall of 2014, I was asked to deliver a lecture to students of the Founders Institute.

The topic?

“How to name your new business”

Now, you’d think that this topic would be breeze… a walk in the park!

But here’s the thing…

Naming a business is partially science. But it’s also part art.

You want your business name to be memorable, you want it to resonate with your target audience, and you may need something with a bit of elasticity, so you can expand later.

But there are also a number deal-breakers… legal and logistical hurdles that any aspiring business owner is likely to encounter along the way.

That’s why I re-recorded the lecture…

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