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How to generate six figure revenues from podcasting [PP] | Not-So-Freaky University

How to generate six figure revenues from podcasting [PP]

Sure, podcasts are a great way to raise your profile and a fun and interesting way to open doors and meet new people.

But have you ever wondered how they can be run as a business, and deliver a direct return on investment to the podcaster?

This week’s course mentor is Ronsley Vaz, the host of Bond Appetit, the number one food podcast in Australia. It’s all about how food fuels entrepreneurial success.

He’s also the creator of Podcast revolution, Australia’s first podcast summit and when he isn’t recording podcasts he’s a self-confessed daydreamer!

This week’s course is the first of a four part series, on webinars and podcasts.

This week, we address ‘revenue generation’.


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