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How to form strategic alliances for fast growth [PP] | Not-So-Freaky University

How to form strategic alliances for fast growth [PP]

How to form strategic alliances for fast growth with Simone Novello

Your business – whether you realize it or not – serves three distinct types of customers.

Who are those customers? Good question!

The three basic types of customers in any business include:

1. The person who buys your product or service

2. The investor or person who might buy the business

3. The strategic alliance partner

Your approach to these three distinct customers is crucially important. In particular, the third type of customer, the strategic alliance partner, offers specific benefits, despite being mostly misunderstood.

The strategic partner helps you reach a bigger audience of traditional customers (type #1 above) by leveraging not only your audience, but the partner’s audience as well. This CHEAT SHEET offers background info on different types of partnerships, and three tips on forming and profiting from strategic partnerships, and it features expert insights courtesy of Simone Novello.





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