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Five steps to winning bigger tenders and contracts [PP] | Not-So-Freaky University

Five steps to winning bigger tenders and contracts [PP]

If you’re a small business owner, this might sound familiar.

For a while now, you’ve been chasing and bagging the same old small contracts, the usual suspects.

However, although your revenue is steady and things are generally okay, you want to hunt bigger game.

You feel it’s time to scale and compete for bigger projects through a tender process.

But what’s stopping you? Is it the paper work? Is it the process? It is the fear that you just won’t win?

Well, guess what? This is exactly what your competitors are thinking!

To help us tackle the tricky topic of tenders is Helen Dean, a master in the art of pitching on purpose, winning contracts and helping SMEs play a bigger game.

Over the past ten years, she has helped dozens of normal everyday organisations win tens of millions of dollars in new business through tenders and competitive bids.

Helen is also an out of the closet fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In this cheat sheet, Helen addresses the following lessons:

  1. Accept that failure is an option
  2. First impressions count
  3. Mind the gaps
  4. Research the client
  5. Scope out your competition

It’s time to leave your little pond and come swim with the big fish!



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